Press Release: SAN Files Colorado Open Records Act Requests

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August 25, 2013  We were allowed in to review AURA records August 8 and 9, but only gained access to city records last week, beginning our review August 22.  It is our assessment that reviewing all records there will take at least another week, if not longer.  We are beginning to post documents from our reviews on this website, under the tab Documents Related to Park Place Olde Town.

July 25, 2013  SaveArvadaNow has received responses to our requests for information from both the City and AURA. Both seem to believe that our request is so broad that an additional 7 days is needed to fulfill it. We made every effort to keep the requests limited to very specific topics and we’re disappointed at the delay, but look forward to learning the truth in a few days.


July 22, 2013. Arvada, CO: SaveArvadaNow today filed three requests for information under the Colorado Open Records Act. We are seeking information from the City of Arvada and Arvada Urban Renewal Authority concerning three issues that have angered citizens regarding the 5-story, 153-unit apartment building scheduled to be built on the property line of historic McIlvoy Park.

First, AURA has agreed to sell public land valued by the Jefferson County Assessor at $1.2 million for only $10. Citizens want to know how AURA determined this nominal price for prime real estate in the heart of the Olde Town Arvada National Historic District. They are also concerned about whether this is a proper use of public land, acquired with their tax dollars.

Second, we are seeking information about why the proposed building is more than double the height allowed within the historic Olde Town district. The developer, Mark Goldberg of Goldberg Properties, LLC, stated that AURA asked him to increase the height of the proposed building to 5-stories.

Goldberg claims that his initial proposal was in full compliance with the Olde Town Design Guidelines. These Guidelines are intended to preserve the historic integrity of Arvada’s unique historic district.
They require that new structures be only 2-stories (35 feet) in height.
A third story is allowed if it is “set back”. The proposed structure of 5-stories has no “set back” and will loom over historic McIlvoy Park.
The building will cast a long shadow over this small, but lovely, open parkland. The backside of the structure will present a concrete wall at the entrance to our treasured Historic District.

Third, the City of Arvada vacated Teller Street to satisfy the developer’s request to make this public street a private driveway for his development. SaveArvadaNow is seeking information about the City’s analysis of traffic flow, especially the effect of a potentially dramatic increase in traffic on neighboring streets.

Citizens are especially concerned about increased traffic past St.
Anne’s school, across the street from McIlvoy Park. Because the location of the proposed building has limited access, citizens fear that schoolchildren will be endangered by more traffic. It appears that the City of Arvada did little, if any, proper analyses of how this hi-rise building will affect local traffic.

SaveArvadaNow is looking forward to reviewing these documents, which should be available within three days under Colorado law. These requests are limited and should be relatively easy for the City to respond in a timely fashion.

This hi-rise structure is opposed by many citizens of Arvada. Through Sunday, July 21, over 1,200 citizens had signed petitions calling on the Arvada City Council and Goldberg Properties to stop this project. These citizens support developments that enhance the Olde Town National Historic District. They oppose projects, like the Goldberg proposal, that do not conform to the Design Guidelines and adversely affect our historic neighborhood.

SaveArvadaNow is a group of concerned citizens who support smart development that is integrated into Arvada’s neighborhoods, not imposed on our communities.

Contact information for SaveArvadaNow:
Contact: Nancy Young, Spokesperson
Telephone: 720-412-7482

Price reduced $10 bw final