Save Arvada Now becomes Registered Neighborhood Organization


July 1, 2013

Arvada, CO: SaveArvadaNow announced today that is has completed its registration as a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) in the City of Arvada. In its recently approved Strategic Plan through 2019, the City Council included an objective to register 50% of the neighborhoods in Arvada.

SaveArvadaNow is pleased to be the first neighborhood to register under this plan. Nancy Young, Chair of SaveArvadaNow’s Steering Committee stated: “It is appropriate that we be the first to file under this new strategic plan. It is even more appropriate because our neighborhood encompasses Arvada’s first commercial and residential center – the center of northern Jefferson County for nearly 100 years. Our well-preserved commercial and residential structures are the physical legacy of our founders.”

The new RNO will focus on three goals:
1. To work together to preserve, enhance and celebrate the historic legacy of our homes and the neighborhood, which encompasses the original 1870 settlement of Arvada.
2. To reduce crime, traffic congestion, parking issues, and noise pollution to create a healthier environment within the neighborhood.
3. To assist neighborhood organizations (fraternal, social, civic, etc.) to disseminate information about their events within the neighborhood.

Among the projects initially identified by SANe are to reduce crime, find solutions to neighborhood parking issues, and to reduce noise and air pollution, largely due to traffic congestion. Neighbors are especially concerned about the impact of the City’s plans to increase density in the neighborhood. Columbine, near Columbine Park in SE Arvada, is the only other Registered Neighborhood Organization in Arvada. Minutes from some of their meetings have been posted on-line at the City of Arvada website.

SaveArvadaNow is a group of concerned citizens who support smart development that is integrated into Arvada’s neighborhoods, not imposed on our communities.

Contact information for SaveArvadaNow:
Telephone: 720-412-7482


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