Documents related to Park Place Olde Town – PPOT

Price reduced $10 bw final  The agreement between AURA and Park Place Olde Town Inc.

PPOT incentive numbers  $3.3 million…..or more!

AURA info sheet for November 20, 2012 Board meeting   Warning, this is a big document and takes a long time to download.  Pertinent information includes background that the developer initially proposed a three story walk-up development, but was asked by the city and AURA to build a project with higher density.  In addition, it explains that the estimated income to be produced by the project does not justify the cost to develop it, and thus public assistance is required to make the project financially feasible.  Also included, a summary of the developer’s tax incentives, a development fact sheet, pictures of the proposed development, and ten year financial projections for all AURA projects.

November,2012 letter of agreement between the city and Goldberg The city was certainly bending over backwards to accomodate Mr. Goldberg!

Some at the city wanted to save the Masonic Lodge  Read this to see who one of them was.  Thanks to him!

Purchase and sale agreement Masonic Lodge  This agreement was signed in March 2012 by  both Mark Goldberg and Daniel Gardner, the principal in 7212 LLC, the current owner of the Masonic Lodge.  The sale has not yet gone through.

Historic designation early docs This is the city’s correspondance with the city and developer from the city files.  E-mails we have reviewed indicate very recent correspondence and documents from Historic Colorado, the State Historic Preservation Office, but we have not been able to locate them in the files we have reviewed.

Goldberg e-mails You can learn alot reading old e-mails.  Check out this assortment to or from Mark Goldberg and draw your own conclusions.

AURA meeting notes_Sept_04_2013  Lots of discussion at the Sept 4 AURA Board meeting about PPOT.  So far these notes are all we have to share.

Emails between Mark Goldberg and AURA   When you work in secret for over a year to bring an unsuitable housing development to an area, things can get, well, rather cozy….  Remember to read e-mails from bottom to top.

More Mo and Mark e-mails  More e-mails between the developer, Mark Goldberg, and the head of AURA, Maureen Phair.

More emails  We’ve been sharing lots of e-mails between Mo and Mark, but there are a number of other cozy relationships involved in this development.  Take a look – in addition to Mark Goldberg and Maureen Phair, check out the e-mails from Mark (Deven – city manager) and Marc (Williams – mayor).  Are Arvada officials a bit over-invested and involved in this project?

Last minute changes to zoning and design guidelines  In 2010, Arvada contracted with Winter and Company to revise the City’s Design Guidelines for Olde Town Arvada.  This resulted in a 2 year planning process, with three citizen workshops, to revise the design guidelines.  These e-mails tell the story of some last minute changes to the zoning and design guidelines for Olde Town Arvada.

Certificate of Compliance with Design Guidelines  Thirty-six waivers were required to issue a certificate of compliance with the design guidelines for PPOT.  The basis for the waivers, reportedly, is that PPOT will not undermine, impair, or conflict with the intent of the Arvada Historic District, and strict compliance with the design guidelines would be an economic hardship.

Arvada grants permission to encroach on McIlvoy Park  Arvada plans to allow PPOT to permanently encroach on McIlvoy Park.  Can this be legal?  Doesn’t the park belong to the people of Arvada forever?

Dialogue regarding McIlvoy Park encroachment  This includes Nancy Young’s testimony at the Sept. 16 City Council meeting, the reply she got from City Manager Mark Devin, and her comments on the reply.

Letter to Goldberg  Letter sent to Mark Goldberg and Don Berland, the developers of PPOT, sharing with them comments from one of our on-line petitions

Letter and attachments to State Historic Preservation Officer Information submitted about PPOT’s impact on Arvada’s historic district’s was incomplete and misleading

2013-10-07 Council Presentation re McIlvoy Park – YOUNG  More about the McIlvoy Park encroachment

Discussion between History Colorado and HUD regarding adverse impact of demolition of the Masonic Lodge  Uh-oh.  Were all the appropriate procedures followed in order to approve HUD financing for Park Place Olde Town???  Remember to read from the bottom up.

SAN Draft Complaint 3-3-14  March 3, 3014, draft Complaint and Request for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief presented to Arvada City Council regarding Park Place Olde Town.

McIlvoy Deed Copy of the actual deed, transferring the ownership of McIlvoy Park from Clemency McIlvoy to the City of Arvada, on May 15, 1919, “for the use of the public as a park”.McIlvoy Deed feature ed

2014-04-21 Comments re McIlvoy Revocable Permit by Nancy Young, April 21 Arvada City Council meeting.

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