Guest post from our friend Jayme

This is my opinion but it seems with the beautiful build of the bridge across Wadsworth and its lovely walkways that it would make more sense to build these larger buildings in the area just south of Grandview on the east side of Wadsworth ByPass. Just down the hill from the tracks and the old houses there is an industrial type area that would still provide the close proximity to the Gold Line and still be separate enough from Olde Town Arvada to not interfere with its heritage and small town feel. Also that area would provide better access to major streets for those residents with vehicles without creating a large impact on the traffic flow in Olde Town. A form of denser housing rentals could be accomplished by implementing builds along the northern section of Ralston Rd.(58th) between Wadsworth Blvd. and Wadsworth ByPass by allowing developers to build store front buildings similar in design to those recently added to Olde Town itself. There are 2-3 older homes that could be sandwiched between these builds to further enhance the entrance to our old town area. There is also the undeveloped area where the old Arvada High School once resided (just to the west of Wadsworth ByPass and north of Ralston) that similar structures could be developed that are more apartment like but still applying that old town feel. I have seen several apartment complexes that have the appearance of a more home like structure. Again this area would be more accessible to traffic flow while still a fairly short walk to the train.

It seems to me that with 153 units I have no doubt that at least 50% or more of the tenants would own at least 1 vehicle and at least 50% or more of those tenants would own 2 vehicles. That means that PPOT parking would need to accommodate a minimum of 113 renter owned vehicles not to mention parking for any guests. I somehow doubt that the property is going to accommodate that many vehicles which means the overflow will be at the closest available parking spaces. Since I have heard that the city is considering placing 2 hr. parking signs in Olde Town that leaves the library and St. Anne’s parking lots. If those have 2 hr. parking restrictions as well that would restrict a lot of functions in Olde Town such as the August movie nights, folks doing research at the library and leisurely shopping in general just to mention a few.

I also wonder if the city is not truly considering the traffic impact on Olde Town exiting from Teller to Ralston heading east would be somewhat challenging and heading west on Ralston would be virtually impossible. Consequently most of the tenants and/or guests would be inclined to head south on Teller and merge with the traffic through Olde Town. Working on a presumption that 1/3 of the tenants do not work at a location that is easily accommodated by the light rail they would be driving their vehicles. This would add about 50 vehicles during morning and evening rush hour through the main streets of Olde Town or across the bridge through the neigborhood to access Ralston, Wadsworth ByPass and I-70. This type of traffic flow would not be conducive to the wandering shopper in Olde Town or properties east of Wadsworth given the narrowness of those streets.

No matter how you approach this design and location it just doesn’t seem as though the city really gave it enough evaluation or thought in accommodating the current residents, businesses or the new builds for convenience, comfort and accessibility to Olde Town.

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