We Don’t Need a Concrete Monolith at the Entrance to Olde Town!

Are you upset about Goldberg Properties, Inc., non-conforming, 51-units per acre rental apartment building in the heart of historic Olde Town Arvada? Are you distressed by the 30 waivers from the City’s Design Guidelines? Do you oppose the solid concrete monolith that this structure presents at the entrance to Historic Olde Town Arvada? How about the City’s giveaway of over $2 million of our tax dollars? Does it upset you that this deal was created in transactions that were hidden from public scrutiny?

Our City Council has ignored our concerns about these and numerous other issues regarding PPOT. Maybe we should try a different tack. Goldberg Properties, Inc. should alter the design of this building to strictly conform to the Design Guidelines, without waivers, to preserve the historic integrity of the neighborhood. Let’s go straight to them and let them know, by calling Mark Goldberg, Goldberg Properties, Inc. at 303-759-8000. Or, you can e-mail mgoldberg@goldbergprop.com or reception@goldbergprop.com. Or send a letter – 195 W. 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80204.

Use this link to sign our petition to Mr Goldberg.  Tell Mark Goldberg you don’t like PPOT.

Or call 303 759 8000 (office) or 303 517 5774 (cell)



No Rallies this winter due to weather!

Yard-signs are still available!  E-mail savearvadanow@comcast.net